Life insurance-easy claim?

Taking out a life insurance policy comes with pros and cons. Signing up for minimal amount to cover for the hospital/funeral expenses, estate taxes of the deceased, and one year living expenses for the beneficiary is my best

Pros: Tax free for the estate’s beneficiary if irrevocable.

Cons: If the assured declares the insurance, he may risk an untimely death because the substantial claims proceeds may tempt the beneficiary to act foolishly.

If assured decides to keep secret such a policy from the beneficiary, it may never be discovered and claimed.

If the assured dies after paying a few premiums, death claimed may be thoroughly investigated as suspicious and difficult to settle.

BEWARE: When claiming, be ready to provide honest and full details about the policy. Dishonest insurance companies may not disclose any information just to dismiss a claim to retain the payout for their own benefit.

One last word: Insurance companies that appear to be the big and popular may not be the best. To improve their sales, they resort to advertisements on TV, unsolicited text messages and other media.

Search for other information by Googling: 1. life insurance complaints forums or 2. 10 bad faith life insurance claims practices.



Dishonesty is prevalent nowadays from the big corporate giants down to a family member.

Fact: Manila Electric Company.  Over billing 7 years ago due to price collusion with affiliated spot energy suppliers. MERALCO was audited and ordered to pay refund by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Meralco used the over collection to build more electric plants to serve new franchise areas.  And to reward themselves with increases in salary and bonuses and fringe benefits. All paid for in the monopolistic setup.

Result: The electricity rates is now the highest in Asia. Stifling electricity usage and economic growth.

Fact: Internet services do not deliver even 80% of the speed contracted with the ISP. More often it is about 60% only.  Or at times intermittent on/off/on connection.  You have to make regular complaints.  Then you unsolicited and persistent calls from the telecom-internet company to upgrade.  (upgrade is only for additional monthly recurring charges without real improvement)

Result: complaining did result in bill adjustment and slight improvement lasted for a few weeks.

Fact:Thievery.  Plain thief/robber or even people you trusted or a relative/rela-thieves when caught will often deny, deny, deny to death.  The wrong doer facing justice may just offer an apology, without restitution because everything disposed. If incarceration ruling imminent in criminal court may offer up to 50% of what was taken from the victim as settlement. (and keeping the other 50% for himself).

Result: Pursuing justice in Philippines is a touch and go situation.  Litigation involves many stages and takes 3 or more years for an ordinary citizen.  The expenses in the court case may exceed the value of what was stolen. The rich and the well connected complainants have better chances if “proven to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt” is invoked.

Fact: Private Security Guards.  Many unlicensed security agencies provide untrained/unlicensed and undisciplined guards recruited living in depressed areas. To get the business, the security agencies offer lower rates but will not answer for the losses or the misbehaving guards provided.  They are only interested in the 25% commission only. That’s all.

Period rate increases expected may come with deteriorating service during the existing contract period.

The security agency itself may cease the business and assigned it to another unilaterally, earning commissions from the new rates applied to existing clients. A scam.

Result: the client of the security agency who gives in to the demands without a negotiation is an indication that the agency is real boss.  And the security agency dictates and controls even without a new contract. The guards themselves can be part of a robbery. BEWARE!

Fact: Schools tuition fees.  Every year, schools increase tuition fee. Many religious schools ask for much more. Creating new fee accounts.

Result: To be able to afford the expensive tuition and school fees, a yearly nightmare. Just to keep up with the “joneses” the family head may have to steal or be dishonest.  If  student downgraded to another school, student may suffer psychologically or get poorer education- which is a disadvantage in the competitive societies today.

Fact: crooked building contractors.  If paid on a per day basis, the workers prolong time to finish doubly long. If price paid on a per job basis, work time can be halved vs quoted proposal and poorly finished. A deposit is required to start job and may be on work progress payments. A job may start for first 2 days and may be intermittently executed afterwards for the contractor to start a new project elsewhere.  The project owner has to be accommodating to the demands of the  contractor or else be tolerant and forgiving

Result: The hazards of cost over-runs is unavoidable.  I prefer to deal with medium size contractors where credibility and performance is deemed acceptable even when costing a little more.

These are the plain TRUTH. I hate dishonesty.








Networking/MLM secrets (not anymore)


1. “Kaya lang naman kayo nagre-recruit para kumita kayo eh..”
2. “Ayokong mag Networking kasi Recruit-Recruit yan, pinagkakakitaan nyo lang kami or ang mga Tao na nagpapa-member sa inyo..”

Sigurado ako na alam na alam mo ang mga linya na yan. (dahil malamang ay isa ka rin sa mga nagsasabi nyan..? ) hehehe 🙂
Pero don’t worry, dahil naiintindihan ko naman kung Bakit at Paano nasasabi ng mga Tao ang mga linya na yan..
Simple lang ang sagot!
Sa papanong paraan?
Diba once na may nag Pay-in o Sumali ang bawat isang kakilala mo sa isang Networking Company ay mayroon silang babayaran na amount at may kapalit na Product Package yung pera nila?
Para mas maintindihan mo,
Halimbawa ay Ahente ka ng mga Kotse, diba kaylangan mo munang MAKA-BENTA ng Kotse bago ka magkaron ng Commission?
Pangalawang Halimbawa: Nagtatrabaho ka sa Jollibee (Cook) hindi bat NAKA-BENTA ang Jollibee dahil nagluto ka ng masarap na masarap na Fried Chicken?
In short, sa lahat ng ginagawa natin ay NORMAL NA MAY KUMIKITA DAHIL SA ATIN..
Uulitin ko ulit yung tanong ko..
Pero marami parin talagang Tao ang ayaw sumali sa Networking dahil ang Networking daw ay RECRUIT-RECRUIT.
Tanong ko Sayo…
Ano ba ang masama sa “Recruit-Recruit”?
Ang sarap nga ng recruit-recruit lang eh.
We are building a team with same Goal.
We are building a team with same Mind-set.
We are building a team who loves Success.
So kung ayaw mo parin ng Recruit-Recruit? Okay lang..
If I know, ikaw mismo naghahanap ka pa ng Recruitment Agency para makapasok ka ng trabaho..
Alam mo ba magkano kinita nun Recruitment Agent na nag-hire sayo para ipasok ka sa trabaho na gusto mo?
Around 1k – 1.5k Pesos lang naman..
Ultimo yung HR ng kumpanya na pinapasukan mo ngayon, ano ba ginawa nila para makakuha ng mga empleyado na ipapasok sa company na pinapasukan nila?
Diba, THEY RECRUIT people like you..??
That’s life..
So, sa kabilang side naman tayo..
What if Negosyante ka? Example; May-ari ka ng isang Malaking Restaurant.
Tanong: Pwede ba ikaw lang mag-isa ang magpatakbo ng Negosyo mo?
Pwede bang ikaw din yung Waiter/Waitress?
Pwede bang ikaw din yung Cashier?
Pwede bang ikaw din yung Cook?
Yung Manager? Yung Accountant?
Diba magre-recruit o Kukuha ka din ng Tao na magta-trabaho para sa Restaurant mo?
Sila ang magta-trabaho para sayo, pero kahit na anong Sipag at Tyaga ang gawin nila, hinding hindi nila mapapantayan ang kinikita mo..

IKAW ANG YAYAMAN. (Dahil Ikaw ang May-ari ng Negosyo.)
Ganun lang din sa Networking, magre-recruit ka din ng tao.
Pero para tulungan mo at bigyan ng Chansa or Opportunity yung Tao, at kapag nag-sipag yung tao na kinuha mo ay malaki ang Chansa na kumita sya ng malaki at mas yumaman kesa sayo na mas nauna..
Alam ko nagdududa ka dahil ang paniniwala mo lagi ay yung mga nasa taas lang ang laging kumikita at yumayaman sa Networking, pero depende din kasi sa Compensation Plan yan..
I sugguest na PAG ARALAN MONG MABUTI ang Compensation Plan/ Marketing Plan ng Company mo.
Besides, marami akong kilala na bago pa lang sa company pero inabutan, napantayan, at nalagpasan pa yung mga mas nauna pang member sa kanya.
(Kaya hindi totoo yung nauna at nahuli. Depende nalang sa Sipag at Determinasyon mo yun..)
Marami kasing tao, ilang Months or 1 year pa lang sa Company nya, (ang worse ay HINDI PA NGA KASALI)
pero kinikumpara na kaagad yung resulta nya dun sa mga naunang members (TOP EARNERS)
Unang tanong ko sayo: Tinatrabaho at Hinihigitan mo na ba yung Sipag at Tyaga ng mga Top Earners para Maabutan at Mahigitan mo yung kinikita at resulta nila?
Pangalawang Tanong: Alam mo ba kung anong hirap ang pinagdaanan ng mga yan bago sila makarating sa kung ano man sila ngayon?
Kung kakilala mo at nakita mo kung paano sila nagsisimula, Good for You..
Pero kung hindi naman, tanungin mo muna sila kung gaano kahirap at gaano kadaming Failures at Rejections ang dinaanan nila bago sila naging Successful..
(Tsaka mo i-compare ngayon yung experiences at resulta mo, sa experiences at resulta nila..)
CONCLUSION : “BONUS LANG TALAGA YUNG “INCOME” or “BUSINESS PART ” once na sumali ka sa isang Networking Company.
Kasi kung iisipin mong mabuti, diba BUMILI ka lang naman ng PRODUCT PACKAGE / SERVICES ng Company?
Ngayon tanungin kita.. LUGI KA PA BA SA PERA MO o HINDI? SCAM parin ba yun??
Maraming Salamat sa oras na ibinigay mo sa pagbabasa ng File na ‘to, sana ay marami kang natutunan at naiintindihan mo na ngayon kung Ano ba talaga ang Network Marketing, at s

This article is in the Philippine language of Tagalog.
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Term Life Insurance-how to be winner for the assured

If you have a 20 year term life insurance policy with dividends, you can come out a big winner by:
1. redeeming your yearly dividend.
2. and if you are still healthy and fit, terminate the policy by the cash out option just before the expiration (like 12 months before end date).

If you die when your policy is about to expire (say, in 12 months), the insurance company will make it hard for your beneficiary to claim through harassment and bullying tactics.

If you hold on to the policy up to the last day and it expires, the assured survivor or owner of the policy gets nothing at all.

As the financial adviser to my relatives and friends, I am also sharing this with your readers.


kidnapping for ransom: Please take precaution

Starting in the 80’s, kidnap for ransom happening became the new normal. Often not reported in Metro-Manila.

It started this way. A well-connected financing house started paying more interest than banks for rich depositors. Eventually the word spread from Chinatown with greedy depositors investing more and more. Networking through fellowshits was just a convenient way to recruit additional funding because the management is projected to be very religious and thus righteous.

Each depositor accomplished a client information data sheet that was later used by the insiders to selectively target the kidnapping for ransom. Victims often remained secretive when they were kidnapped because of death threat or another kidnapping.

Today, many financing or deposit taking businesses are still being operated by with new business ventures such as schools and real estate projects. Beware of this money scam. I will state again: Don’t be greedy. For just a little more interest, you may lose your …………!




Insurance is always a profitable business.

The insurance company acts like a gambling house that make the rules and accepts a sum of money from the insured/assured; calculating that on probability and accept the bet that the specified risk will not occur during the period covered. Then the company wins.

For life insurance, the insured during the term placed his life as the bet. As long as he stays alive, he loses the premium he pays yearly.

And when the insured dies, his beneficiaries will benefit. In many cases, the insurance company will demand that claimants produce plenty of supporting documents in order to delay or reduce what is payable upon the death of the insured.

Insurance companies are often full of promises or good sales talk. Only after the occurrence and often after years of blindly trusting and paying premiums, just to discover if it is worth it!


Life Insurance claims

Even the biggest and popular life insurance company (example Sun-Life)cannot be trusted to honor and then settled death claims fairly and honestly.

Be forewarned, in a multiple policies situation, YES, only the smallest death claim can be settled after you waive with finality any past and present wrong doings and/or violation of legal process including your other rights  that was executed by company officer and any staff member. Be prepared to hire a reputable lawyer to press for speedy and honest settlement if you claim is big.

Unfortunately, bad faith insurance practices can leave victims without the compensation to which they are entitled following an accident. There are many different types of practices insurance adjusters or companies may use, and some may be left facing an unfairly denied claim. Fortunately, by filing a claim of bad faith, victims of these practices may fight for compensation.

In one case, as relayed by the Albuquerque Journal, a man’s family was awarded nearly $12 million after evidence was presented that the insurance company had altered its records about a week and a half after the man’s accident to make it appear that he did not have coverage. The insurance company contended that the policy lapsed only 90 minutes before the crash. While not all awards will be this large, consumers who are unfairly treated by an insurance company may have recourse to recover damages.




slimming/dieting for health

My slimming/dieting plan is simple.

Avoid heavy meals by drinking chilled water first-to lessen the hunger feeling. Drink soup first. Avoid deep fried food and starch. Try grilled, steamed, roasted proteins and vegetables. Eating codfish has the same effect as a popular cholesterol statin drug. I recommend Whole wheat bread too.

After daily reducing amount of food intake, drink more chilled water to feel full.

Expect your weight to start going down by 2 pounds after 3 months provided you strictly observe this.

Thereafter, at least 1 pound less monthly for half a year.

Believe me, it works!!

Ps. 27 years ago I weighed 165 pounds, a few years later it went up to 185 pounds. Today because of my dieting plan my weight now is 160 pounds. And maintaining it at 160 pounds. Can still do brisking walking and feeling physically fit. Just staying healthy for old age.



A religion is  good if it promotes peace and harmony by instilling values for the  betterment of individual and  society. Not being political.

Avoid those that promote hatred, conflicts  greed and corruption and destruction too!

This is a no, NO! Some join a group for business connections. Some others become a member because of persistent persuasion by a regular worshiper or by material rewards.

A person being religious lives by the teachings of his faith. The devotion is from his acts and not  from lip service or being pretentious.