Luggages-avoiding tampering on zippered types

Clampshell hard cases with zippers are cheap because they are so vulnerable to damage and tampering with the zipper type closures.

The zipper closure can be split opened in a second with a pointed object and can be healed or resealed quickly by sliding the zipper pull within a few seconds. THIS CAN BE CORRECTED BY ; USE OF A CABLE TIE OR A PADLOCK TO SECURE THE ZIPPER PULLS CLOSE TOGETHER AND ANCHORING IT TO THE HANDLE TO IMMOBILIZE MOVEMENT OF THE ZIPPER PULLS.  Or use a duct tape applied across the zipper teeth both ends of the zipper pull.

These zippered luggage are difficult to zip close due to alignment and to pull it close extreme care must be exercised to prevent permanent damage.

I just discarded mine after using it 4 times. The new reversible cheap coil type teeth damaged beyond economical repair.





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