kidnapping for ransom: Please take precaution

Starting in the 80’s, kidnap for ransom happening became the new normal. Often not reported in Metro-Manila.

It started this way. A well-connected financing house started paying more interest than banks for rich depositors. Eventually the word spread from Chinatown with greedy depositors investing more and more. Networking through fellowshits was just a convenient way to recruit additional funding because the management is projected to be very religious and thus righteous.

Each depositor accomplished a client information data sheet that was later used by the insiders to selectively target the kidnapping for ransom. Victims often remained secretive when they were kidnapped because of death threat or another kidnapping.

Today, many financing or deposit taking businesses are still being operated by with new business ventures such as schools and real estate projects. Beware of this money scam. I will state again: Don’t be greedy. For just a little more interest, you may lose your …………!


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