Life Insurance claims

Even the biggest and popular life insurance company (example Sun-Life)cannot be trusted to honor and then settled death claims fairly and honestly.

Be forewarned, in a multiple policies situation, YES, only the smallest death claim can be settled after you waive with finality any past and present wrong doings and/or violation of legal process including your other rights  that was executed by company officer and any staff member. Be prepared to hire a reputable lawyer to press for speedy and honest settlement if you claim is big.

Unfortunately, bad faith insurance practices can leave victims without the compensation to which they are entitled following an accident. There are many different types of practices insurance adjusters or companies may use, and some may be left facing an unfairly denied claim. Fortunately, by filing a claim of bad faith, victims of these practices may fight for compensation.

In one case, as relayed by the Albuquerque Journal, a man’s family was awarded nearly $12 million after evidence was presented that the insurance company had altered its records about a week and a half after the man’s accident to make it appear that he did not have coverage. The insurance company contended that the policy lapsed only 90 minutes before the crash. While not all awards will be this large, consumers who are unfairly treated by an insurance company may have recourse to recover damages.




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