slimming/dieting for health

My slimming/dieting plan is simple.

Avoid heavy meals by drinking chilled water first-to lessen the hunger feeling. Drink soup first. Avoid deep fried food and starch. Try grilled, steamed, roasted proteins and vegetables. Eating codfish has the same effect as a popular cholesterol statin drug. I recommend Whole wheat bread too.

After daily reducing amount of food intake, drink more chilled water to feel full.

Expect your weight to start going down by 2 pounds after 3 months provided you strictly observe this.

Thereafter, at least 1 pound less monthly for half a year.

Believe me, it works!!

Ps. 27 years ago I weighed 165 pounds, a few years later it went up to 185 pounds. Today because of my dieting plan my weight now is 160 pounds. And maintaining it at 160 pounds. Can still do brisking walking and feeling physically fit. Just staying healthy for old age.


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